Shannon Hochkins

3D Graphic
Technical Artist

Hi, I'm Shannon,

With more than 7 years’ experience combatting the 3D world after the completion of my Diploma of 3D Animation & Digital Effects at Enmore Design Center, it is the love, passion and dedication I have for this industry that propels me to tear apart all it's intricacies so that I can create fantasies and business applications allowing me to bring dreams to life.

You can relive some of my works and dreams by visiting my gallery section. Here you can enjoy some of my achievements which include:

Rendering, Previews of CG Characters, Animations, Rigging, Modeling, Websites, Plugins, Environments and other various projects.

By visiting my blog you can access my breakdowns and progress of my current works. My inner Ninja encourages me to forge an assault on my works and projects so that I can achieve my own personal level of perfection which in turn gives me much pleasure in accomplishing the final result. I'd appreciate your feedback, positive or negative on my work. You can do this by completing my contact form at the bottom of this page.

Unless otherwise stated, every piece in this 3D portfolio has been created from scratch by me and me alone. I hope you find my work inspirational and feel free to contact me about anything at all!